The Snake Bites Back


Olivia Brown, Staff Writer

Fighting, new bullies emerging, and tournaments that could change everything. When will the feud end as the enemies of Cobra Kai infest the valley that was once home to a more peaceful dojo, Miyagi-Do Karate? We have been waiting for Cobra Kai’s next strike. Did sending their biggest enemy away and having a final competition really solve the issues between the decade-long enemies? We find out in Netflix‘s new season of Cobra Kai

After Cobra Kai had defeated both Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang in the All Valley karate tournament in Season 4, sadly Eagle Fang was forced to shut down their dojos. The fight should have been over, but continues as the karate students of Cobra Kai are brainwashed to think with violence. New bullies are emerging as the dojo opens franchises all throughout the Valley. 

Although John Kreese is no longer the main sensai, the real danger is the new sensei,Terry Silver. Former torturer for Daniel-San and friend of Kreese, Silver’s dream has become to make Cobra Kai as well known as Starbucks. This season includes lots of blasts from the past, giving the show a more authentic feel for the true Karate Kid fans. The 80’s music and the cheesiness the show gives off reminds us all of the original movies. 

This season is definitely the most violent yet, as Silver attains more power at Cobra Kai. La’Russo finds it harder to stay motivated in stopping his rival due to more serious threats made to his loved ones. With no other choice, the other dojos are forced to work together, combining Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang members. New friendships are made when karate champions Miguel Diaz and Robby Keene fight out their issues to finally resolve the long lasting tension.

But the fight has to come to an end eventually. An international karate tournament might be just what the dojos need to find the true champ. This Season 5 finale is the most shocking yet. The plot twists make the last episode thrilling as ever and leave viewers with questions they  will be dying to answer.