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Haters gonna hate

Swift defies music industry double standards
Courtesy of Paolo Villanueva via Flickr

Taylor Swift once said, “The worst kind of person is someone who makes someone feel bad, dumb, or stupid for being excited about something.” Swift has been a topic of conversation since the beginning of her career, however, as she grew in fame, that conversation became more and more critical. Accused of everything from having “too many boyfriends” or being a “snake,” Swift has had her fair share of public criticisms.

Many believe Swift only writes heartbreak songs, however, her discography has much more depth. She has written songs about an expansive variety of topics like exploring grief, closure, losing someone too soon, and the list goes on. The double standard for men who are notoriously known for their heartbreak songs, like Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars, is clear as they are labeled as empathetic heartthrobs while Swift is regarded as an obsessive ex-lover.

When it comes to who supports her, Swifties have also been seen as crazy when in reality, they are just as passionate about her craft as she is. The way that I see it, people should be able to support their favorite artists without having their support be stigmatized. From being a young seventeen year old girl with a dream, to now the biggest pop star this world has seen, Swift has earned her place in the industry.

Those who say she is overrated are wrong because they have not considered the amount of time and effort she puts into her art. She connects with her fans and writes letters about her songwriting process to feel closer to Swifties. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but when someone who is in the media constantly gets criticized for just doing what she loves, it’s important to remember that she is human too.

In a field that is male-dominated, Swift has had to defend herself from lies, while the liars get away with it. For example, when Kanye West came out with an edited phone call and framed Swift as a liar, she was swarmed with ridicule and backlash so intense that she removed herself from the public eye for two years. However, when the unedited version of the phone call came out and revealed that Swift was, in fact, not lying, West did not receive a fraction of the backlash or hate as she did.

Swift is the poster child for victims of misogyny in the music industry. On multiple occasions interviewers have asked unprofessional questions to Swift. For example, when she was on a red carpet interview at the Grammy’s in 2015, and the interviewer from Entertainment Tonight flat out said she would be going home with more than a trophy that night – “lots of men.”

Just like every other woman in the music industry, Swift is trying to navigate her life but continues to get backlash for every move she makes, like who she dates or hangs out around.
Her relationships should be private, however, she does not get that right due to her being in the public view. Swift tends to get blamed for things she does not control. For example, her being filmed at NFL games. I feel as though she should be able to go to the Zoo without paparazzi flying helicopters around to get a grainy photo.

Swifties aren’t fans of Swift because of her personal life and relationships. They are fans because they love her songs, her spirit, and her ability to rise above the constant criticism.

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Bernell Bello, Editor-in-Chief
I enjoy editing and writing for the Pop Culture page and writing for the Feature page. Some of my interests are reading, watching “One Tree Hill”, and clothes shopping. My favorite quote is “You've got no reason to be afraid, you're on your own, kid,” by Taylor Swift. In the future, I will be juggling all of my passions and living my life to the fullest. (Class of 2024)

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