ASB Upcoming Activities in January

March 3, 2023

Senior Disneyland Trip Tickets: Ticket sales for...

Titans are Singled Out

February 27, 2023

Two Rancho Bernardo seniors visited Poway High on Friday,...

Adding in the necessities

Adding in the necessities

February 13, 2023

Pads, tampons, and cramps are all part of a woman’s...

Lawyers of Poway

Key Club unlocks opportunities to help out

February 28, 2023

   During lunch on Tuesdays, while Poway’s campus is bustling with students...

Poetry Spotlight

Poetry Spotlight

February 17, 2023

Of Us to the Moon It is quite the mystery, of how the moon perceives love when...

Manly making her way

Manly making her way

February 10, 2023

   Smiling and greeting her fellow Peer Counselors, the newly elected Pooh...

March 13, 2023

   I was changing in a locker room when I heard someone shout, “Kylie posted her new baby!” As someone who doesn’t keep up with Kylie Jenner’s life much, it took a lot for me not to laugh. Around a year ago, Kylie Jenner gave birth to a baby boy and didn’t immediately post all about it on Instagram. The Internet was offended by Kylie withholding information about her new baby, and her comment...

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Canvas is needed for academic success

Lily Teran, Editorial Editor | February 14, 2023

   As a student who was absent recently, I had to go online to access what my peers were doing in class. Three out of my five classes have a perfectly functional Canvas page, another one works some of the time, and one only has the online textbook. Classes without fancy agendas make it incredibly difficult for me to understand the curriculum of the class and make it harder for me to get the homework...

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May 18, 2021

Do not miss your opportunity to own history. Yearbooks are still available for purchase through the Finance Office and online.

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Join the Newspaper or Yearbook

March 12, 2020

If you would like to be a part of a fun project-based class that offers creative opportunities for writers, photographers, graphic designers, and artists, join the newspaper (Journalism 2) or yearbook class!  Add the course to your CRF, and fill in this short survey.  Questions? Talk to Adviser TeriAnne Libby in D-16.

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