Which Lays Flavor is Best


Gael Gonzales , Writer

Think about choosing from the 200+ flavors that Lays’ has to offer, opening up the bag and smelling the savory chips, the smell alone immediately makes your mouth water. You are eager to taste the chip from the moment you reach into the bag, up until the chip meets your mouth. A sense of peace and closure takes over your body as you munch down on that crunchy goodness.

Everyone’s tastes are unique. Some people can enjoy food that is despised by others; therefore, deciding which Lays flavor is best would be unfair coming from one person.

I’m a spicy chip guy, so if it were up to me I would say the best Lays flavor is Chile Limon or even Flaming Hot, some favor Barbecue Lays because of their sweet, tangy flavor. “Barbecue Lays have got to be the best flavor, they’re the perfect balance between sweet and spicy,” junior Jadon Vallese said.

“I personally enjoy classic the best, it’s exactly what you’d expect it to be, and although it’s plain, it’s a good type of plain,” Exclaims Poway High Junior Katie Carpenter.

Everyone’s opinion differs, after looking at polls done over the past 5 years on which lays flavor was best there were a lot of results, but surprisingly classic and jalapeno was the highest-picked flavor.

Although I personally do not believe that those flavors are best, They are not bad flavors at all just not my go-to’s. Overall any flavor can be best based on your opinion because like I said everyone is unique