Taylor Swift Touches Hearts Through Her Album “Evermore”


Vivian Sanchez, Writer

Taylor Swift surprised her fans again by releasing yet another album. Evermore is a sequel to the 2020 album, Folklore. Just months after releasing Folklore, Taylor Swift releases another fantastic album with seventeen new tracks, all with different storylines. Evermore brings beautifully written lyrics and storytelling together and features three artists. With similar indie and country vibes that the Folklore album brought, Evermore reaches to the heart and intertwines together to make a wonderful album. 

 Similar to Folklore, the album is a calming one that contains subtle piano, ensemble, and prevalent guitar riffs. Evermore warms the soul and is the best to listen to during the winter. With incredible storytelling and contemporary mythology, Taylor Swift amazes her fans with a wonderful, cozy album. 

The album’s title track, Evermore once again features Bon Iver who Taylor collaborated within the Folklore album. This track and album present a unique approach to the music industry and how Taylor Swift is changing her style through pieces of storytelling such as the songs “no body, no crime” and “dorthera”.

The album begins with Swift’s “Willow” as the lyrics compare a willow tree to Taylor’s love life describing it as a strong attachment to a lover that can feel out of control. The beginning of the song starts with light guitar strums as she sings with a husky tone, which is an extremely different and unique way to start off her album. 

Similarly, Swift’s song, “Dorothea”, is a beautifully written track about a boy who longs to be with someone. With solemn guitar strumming and drumming patterns intertwined with some light piano, the story is a wholesome and nostalgic love story that touches the heart. 

A lot of the songs have a melancholic feeling to them. Plenty of songs have similar themes of heartbreak and growing up, or tragic stories that do not have happy endings. 

The song, “Tolerate it, “ is a prime example of the album’s melancholic feeling as the track begins with a light piano in the key of A Major. The song perfectly portrays a sorrowful tone and it’s worth mentioning that Taylor Swift uses anaphora to begin and end her beautifully written song with the phrase, “ I sit and watch you”. 

Evermore is an amazing album, and the songno body, no crime features HAIM, a female rock band. Disappointingly, the girl group did not have as many lines to a song about empowering women. Comparing this collaboration to Taylor’s song “coney island featuring The National, the male lead singer has more lines than that of the girl rock band HAIM. 

It’s disappointing that HAIM only had background vocals throughout the entirety of the album and the song the girls were featured in. This particular incident is the reason why the album is four out of five stars due to the lack of female representation in a song that is about women empowerment. 

Evermore is a fantastic album with unique indie and cozy vibes. Each of e tracks on the album was beautifully written; and even though the male collaborations out-weighed t those of the female rock band, the album is still worth listening to.