Styles Breaks the Internet With the Release of “Golden”


Raelyn Cornell, Staff Writer

The one and only, Harry Styles has done it again. On Oct. 26, Styles broke the internet by finally releasing his music video to his song Golden. To me, the video really spoke to his personality and was a reflection on what a happy personality he has. The song has a fantastic beat and is totally fun to dance around to with your friends. 

Since One Direction’s debut in 2010, Styles has been one of my favorite artists, whether he is in a band or solo. When Styles was first recognized, he was just 16-years-old. He has climbed his way to the top and worked extremely hard to get to where he is today.

The long-awaited music video was for sure worth the wait. The setting takes place in beautiful Italy, while Styles rocks all sorts of different clothing as he shatters gender norms and defies toxic masculinity, once again. His mesmerizing baby blue suit and lace gloves are a statement piece, but he never fails to pull off a look. 

Styles music is very unique and he always produces amazing songs. This song is one of my personal favorites and has been playing non-stop. The groovy beat just makes you want to dance, and personally think it is a really good song to listen to when you want to be productive. 

Styles has been a rising artist since he first auditioned solo on The Voice and then debuted with his boy band. His light and bubbly personality buzzed through the audience. Styles has made it crystal clear that Italy is one of his favorite places to be, and considering how often he goes, it is like his second home. The video itself is a true reflection of him. The setting was absolutely stunning, the production was fantastic and Harry himself was perfect. After over a week out, still trending on Youtube, which goes to show how truly amazing of an artist he is. The song and production of the video is overall done very well and is a solid 10/10, and I cannot wait to see what other amazing things Styles produces in the future.