Chillng in the Connection Center: Eden Tobar, Reagan Wilmert and Meagan Downing relax and soak in the welcoming atmosphere inside the newly remodeled Titan Center. The Center was given a makeover to include a new guidance technologist and help students transition into their future outside of school.

From drab to fab, the newly remodeled Titan Connection Center aims to bring unity to the campus. It features air conditioning, board games, college visits, and resources on college, careers, scholarships, internships, job opportunities, and the military.

‘’The goal is for you to get everything you need within that space,” Principal Richard Nash said.

The inspiration behind the project came from juniors Emily Bylsma and Fernanda Madrazo. Aware of the change in administration taking place last year, they began suggesting a project to make a positive impact on campus.

“There’s so many kids on campus who don’t have a place to go, and we want them to know there is a safe place for them to go and do homework and talk to someone…We want that culture to change,” junior Fernanda Madrazo said.

In addition to being a place for students to gather on campus it has become a place for students to learn how to become involved.

“There is something for everyone. It’s just about making sure everybody knows that there is something for them,” junior Emily Bylsma said.

With new, guidance technologist, Jaime Brown, students can have access to on-campus information as well as anything they need to prepare for life after high school.

Brown helps students discover what career might be right for them through new software programs, books, and her own knowledge off all things that come after high school.

“My vision for this is for students to know that if they have a question about anything that they can come to me, and if I don’t have the answer I’ll find it for them,” Brown said.

Brown was previously involved in Cal-SOAP, an organization that helps students transition into college, and is excited to make an impact in students lives here.

Whether it is finding the finance office or trying to figure out a future career, the connection center is a one-stop-shop for all things Poway High and beyond.