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Schedule changes for the new year

For 20 minutes twice a week, Titans spend their time in a homeroom that at times shows Titan TV and presentations, but in most cases ends up with students on their phones. Administrators have decided to remove homeroom starting next year.

When homeroom was first implemented, the original intent was to provide a space for students to connect to the school, and with a trusted adult.

“It came up before I became principal six years ago. Since I’ve been here we have been analyzing homeroom for its purpose and how to make it useful, but what it has turned into is a session where students are resting and on their phones.” Now that wasn’t the main problem to Nash the main issue is homeroom is supposed to be where students are provided education and extra support. “What I’m saying to the state is during those 20 minutes you’re being provided with education, and you’re not,” Nash said.

Along with the elimination of homeroom, there is a new start time for all high schools across the district. School start time of 8:35 and dismissal at 3:35 all school days except Wednesday. Late start Wednesdays will start earlier at 9:35.

With this new schedule, third period will be 10 minutes longer than other periods  for teachers to show the Titan TV broadcast, and for announcements to be played.

In response to these changes, students have mixed opinions and reactions.

One student was so passionate about keeping the schedule she started a petition.”I started the petition against the school just changing everything without even asking how this would affect anyone because many people, myself included, are not happy with the schedule changes that are planning on going on next year,” Sophomore Callin Trusheim said. Trusheim’s main issue comes from the finals schedule. She says the thought of having to take 5 finals in one day would be horrible. 

On the other hand, some students think  the removal of homeroom was a no-brainer.

”I think homeroom is a waste of time, it’s not fun and not useful. It’s a free period that makes the day feel longer, I do not like it,” freshman Lucio Soto said. 

Nash weighed the overall benefit of homeroom and stands firm on the decision of homeroom . ”I think from the student’s perspective it’s easy to feel unheard; I think that educational minutes are at my discretion and for me to have to decide. What we had hoped to accomplish in the homeroom when we began, is not happening. So I stand by my decision. I agree we don’t consult students on schedule changes, we would if it was adding a class or reducing a class but this is an extra piece put in for students.”

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