Honestly, I am getting pretty dang tired of all these trash live action movies based on video games and the like. There have recently been a lot of live action movie versions of animated games, such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Detective Pikachu. And many are really bad. From the horrendous Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer that lead to so much fan outrage they had to redesign the entire thing, to the horrendous pokemon in Detective Pikachu, these movies and their characters are pretty bad.

Admittedly, these movies do have some redeeming qualities. For instance, the plot of the Detective Pikachu movie is actually pretty decent. As well, the acting is not half bad. But these small strengths are largely outweighed by all the flaws inherent to these movies.

The main issue with these live action versions are that they almost always try to be too realistic. Taking something animated and making it look this realistic leads to an honestly terrible movie. The issue is that the source material looks good because of how cartoony the design is, and that works well with something animated. However, taking a cartoony design and making it realistic without changing the design itself to be more realistic leads to this horrible clash of styles.

Giving Sonic realistic fur does not work because the original design has no fur, and that is a big part of what makes it look good. They are putting realistic elements on a design that greatly benefits from not having realistic elements.

Another issue is that these cartoony designs often have very strange proportions, so when they are made realistic it looks horrible and uncanny. These designs are good in part because the strange proportions work due to how unrealistic the rest of the character is.

For these and many other reasons, live action versions of animated things are almost always garbage. They just stick up like a sore thumb amongst realistic elements.