A comeback for the books

Rihanna returns after six years and announces baby number two


Bernell Bello, Feature Editor

Many fans were excited for the return of Rihanna, even if it was for one night only. What they didn’t expect was for her to announce her surprise pregnancy after having her first son in May of 2022. 

My expectations for the songs she would sing were very accurate, with her most iconic hits, starting with “B—- Better Have My Money” and ending with “Diamonds” but the performance lacked her other hits like “Disturbia,” “S&M,” and “What’s My Name.” 

I am a fan of Rihanna myself since childhood so the nostalgia that came with the songs she sang felt like no other. My favorites were her original songs but with a remix twist.  

Many fans on Twitter expressed how magical her performance was, while the other side thought she didn’t try hard enough. I felt her performance should have been longer because I wanted to truly savor what could be the last of Rihanna for another six years–or more, due to her focusing on her businesses like Fenty–now with the pregnancy of her second child. 

The lifting and lowering of her stages was also a twist that I enjoyed, as well as the backing vocals that contributed to her performance. Many speculated she was lip-singing, though I highly doubt it. It seemed they may have confused her back vocals with her lip-singing. Many artists have back vocals to harmonize with themselves and there were times in the performance when it was just her voice singing.  

Her promotion for her makeup brand Fenty also made a cameo, and though her face looked flawless, I thought it was better than buying a Super Bowl commercial for millions of dollars. 

Concerns arose when the platform she was standing on started to sway slightly, and though I’m sure they had taken extra precautions, I felt nervous when she was up that high. Rihanna, however, didn’t look bothered or worried one bit, showing her professionalism is still intact, even all these years later. 

Her dancers contributed heavily to the performance, with them dancing around her and hyping her up, it was fun to watch. As well as their outfits, though they resembled something of a marshmallow, looked stylish and complimented Rihanna’s all-red outfit. Her outfit was simplistic but effective in making a statement.