Adding in the necessities

New period products appear in bathrooms


A new period product dispenser

Natasha Phanthavong, News Feature Editor

Pads, tampons, and cramps are all part of a woman’s menstrual cycle. A typically painful, but normal, experience, it can add stress to a school day. But, with the new addition of free menstrual products in the women’s bathrooms, Titans can be at ease.
The addition of the menstrual hygiene dispenser was brought to campus via a state government assembly bill, requiring schools to provide pads and tampons at zero cost to students.
“Our custodial staff will replenish the items and try to ensure that they will be at least half full at all times,” Assistant Principal Michael Gizzo said.
Although menstrual hygiene products are provided in the health office as well, dispensers in the bathrooms makes period products accessible without an awkward conversation. It can be embarrassing to ask peers for help and can be uncomfortable confronting an outsider with the issue.
“I remember when a girl in my class asked for a tampon, and I was clueless in helping her,” junior Shayla Haggerty said.
But this arrangement comes with a level of trust in Titans to not vandalize and make waste of the limited products provided.
Administrators hope students do not not make it an issue for the custodial staff to replenish and maintain the dispensers.
“Not everyone is in the same economic field, and the ability to have access to basic hygiene is just as essential as toilet paper, and is not something that would make sense restricting on campus,” Principal Richard Nash said.
The new addition is necessary for Titans’ basic hygeine and well-being.
“I’m glad they’re here now because at school, anyone who uses feminine products can now easily access products they need and they don’t have to feel embarrassedcarrying their own products as they leave to go to the bathroom,” senior Raye Weatherford said.
According to Nash, Titans can expect to see more renovations to the bathrooms, with privacy dividers in the mens’ restroom and more secure bathroom stalls.
They also plan to replace mirrors throughout all the restrooms because they are the same mirrors since the school was established in 1961.
“We’re always open to requests to ensure that we can be supportive in any way we can,” Nash said.