Current junior Lucy Boretto is willing and able to step up to the plate to take over for Sean Fallon as ASB president this upcoming March. Lucy is an active member of the Titan community. A part of Peer Counseling, water polo, Academic Team, Key Club and ASB since freshman year. Lucy’s jobs in ASB have included commissioner of sound, keeping you dancing at all school events and sometimes in the hallways just for fun. As well as being Poway Highs to-go music girl, Lucy was most recently commissioner of Link Crew. Lucy and her co-leaders helped upperclassmen in making the freshmen more comfortable on campus.

With all these attributes, Lucy is qualified to represent Poway High School. “I want to be president so I can help all students have a quality high school experience, and so no one walks on the Poway P!” Said Boretto.

Some of Lucy’s responsibilities will entail attending district meeting to be on top of what’s going on in the PUSD, taking over morning announcements to keep Titans up to date, and communicating with administration to make sure everything runs smoothly along with many other tasks she and ASB undertake to keep Poway at its peak performance.

When asked about her passions here at Poway, It is clear Lucy is dedicated to her Titan roots. “Green and Gray Friday is the best day of the week” Boretto said. Determined to make a difference, Boretto also wants to include everyone on campus in school activities. “I’m looking forward to reaching out to different groups on campus and figuring out a way for everyone to communicate. Communication is key.”, Boretto added.

Lucy Boretto is devoted to Poway High and making the difference she can make as president.