Something to worry about Darling


Going from a One Direction fan to being Harry Styles’s co-star is every teenage girl’s dream. That was the case for Florence Pugh in the highly anticipated movie, Don’t Worry, Darling. 

The actors were announced two years ago, which made fans of Styles ecstatic for the release of his first big movie role, while this is not Pugh’’s first rodeo in knocking us off our feet in thrillers. 

The beginning of the movie starts off with Alice and Jack, played by Pugh and Styles, having this perfect traditional 1950’s lifestyle with women being housewives and men being the providers. But as the movie progresses, Alice starts to notice strange behavior from Margaret, another woman in their neighborhood who is seemingly going crazy. This sparks Alice to start interrogating unanswered questions she starts to have.

Pugh’s performance of Alice is phenomenal, and she was the only one to keep me interested and on my feet the entire time. 

The other characters are more of side characters, even Frank, who is one of Alice’s antagonists. The other characters did not feel authentic and I could tell they were playing a part all along. 

Styles’s portrayal of Jack Chambers had mixed reviews from people on social media. Non-fans were quick to critique his acting, while his fans were quick to defend. I personally felt Styles did a good job because  of his depiction of Jack’s complex character throughout the movie. 

The pacing of the movie all together seemed a little off. The first third of the movie showed repetition of their days and constant scenes of eggs, bacon, coffee, saying goodbye to their husbands, and repeat. While the other third was conflict, and ending with little closure. I felt the first third helped emphasize the feeling of suffocation. There were specific scenes of side characters like Bunny, who had many unimportant scenes that didn’t add to the plot, and not enough scenes for important characters like Margaret, who started Alice’s suspicions in the first place. 

The missing scenes also add in all of the unanswered questions I had when finishing the movie. The first words I said when the movie finished was “What? That’s it?” I feel the movie could have been so much better if some of my questions about the character’s endings were answered. The movie had potential but fell short in pacing. 

The movie was also highly promoted, and I was thinking “Oh I know what this will be,” but not knowing anything about the actual plot of the movie. In the end, I walked out asking myself countless questions that were left inconclusive.