Year-round cart brewing


A student walks into school on a random weekday and passes by the library every morning on their route to class. One morning in particular something caught their eye. A cart outside of the library had a menu and advertisements of what was being sold. The next week, the cart had disappeared. 

In a trial run, the  coffee cart was open in the mornings and after school. The Poway High School Foundation runs the cart, more specifically Judith McAulay, the president of the foundation. According to Principle Richard Nash, the date the cafe cart is coming back is yet to be determined. 

The proceeds collected from the cart go right back into supporting the school and the students.

Groups who volunteer to work the cart will get a fund for their club, sport, or extracurricular activity.. Students seem very intrigued with the new addition to the school. 

Due to the cart being so new and abrupt, it was an inquiring addition to our school. 

“It was convenient, it being after school was perfect timing,” sophomore Houshawn Legrand said.

The menu consists of a variety of options like iced coffee, water, trial mix, and many more to enjoy. The foods and beverages served follow the nutritional boundaries of district guidelines with no added sugars. All drinks are all made with oat milk so those with allergies can enjoy them too. The cart was an experiment that started in the beginning of the year and is intended to happen all year once situated. 

“We want people to count on it being there,” Principal Richard Nash said.  

The first profit goal is to recover the $4,000 dollars spent on everything consisting of the cart. 

The payback from the cart goes into the improvements planned for the library. The cart is intended to draw students in when wanting a safe environment to hang out in.

 They are also working to get new high chairs and tables, seating area rugs, alternative seating and new flooring to renovate the library.

 “We want to create a fun, relaxing environment for the library where kids can come and feel comfortable studying,” Librarian Theresa Bonafede said.