Summer playlist on Spotify


The tradition of a summer playlist continues. Heading into a long-awaited summer, everybody wants to be ready to respond to the question, “who will get aux?” Including local bands, rap, rock, and more, this playlist has it all.
There should be a summer song for everyone mixed in with Marin and Reace’s love of alternative rock!
Whether you are driving to the beach, escaping the heat, or hangin’ with friends, hit shuffle and enjoy the variety of summer music.
Marin’s favorite songs are those by Gorillaz and Nirvana, and Reace loves Grateful Dead, Led Zepplin, and Caamp.
Some recognizable artists you can expect to hear in this playlist include, Kanye West, Steve Lacy, Mac Miller, and Khalid.
This fun summer playlist includes close to four hours of perfect hand picked summer songs by our very own editors-in-chief to jam to with your friends.