The stress of studying for AP tests

“When studying for AP Psychology, I did a lot of Quizlet studying. Repetition was key because psychology involves a lot of vocabulary. For APEL, there isn’t really a way to study other than doing the work in class and putting in your best effort for all of the practice exams.”— Senior Ellie Cook










“I set an alarm for myself every few days to spend about 30 minutes studying each class.”— Senior Gabby Abad











“Some advice I would give students for AP tests would be to study using Quizlet or something alike. It’s super helpful because you can use it in between classes or anytime you have a spare moment.” — Senior Alina Ruvalcaba






“Study little bits at a time and gain a good grasp of the subject so you can do well. Don’t stress, or you’ll rush through the exam and forget the subject you studied,” — Senior Dontae Knighten