Euphoria: Don’t try this at home


After a long awaited two years since Euphoria season one came out, fans are ecstatic about a fresh season. Since Jan. 9, HBO has released one episode per week each Sunday at 9 p.m. PST.
Season one ended on an unfinished note for several characters, especially for Rue Bennet, one the main characters.
We follow her storyline as she battles with substance abuse, old friendships, relationships, and loss of loved ones. Seeing her go through these struggles is impactul. As a highschooler it is difficult to imagine other teens that may be going through this as well.
Many teens have seen or know someone who has also been affected by substance or alcohol abuse. The show brings great awareness to a topic that is relatable to most.
Something heavily featured during this season is Rue’s romantic relationship with Jules. Although she is aware of Rue’s substance abuse, she is left unaware that her partner had relapsed several times since she came back from rehab; causing many problems in their relationship.
Euphoria is very popular among teens because we can all relate to the plot to some extent. Personally, I think that some of the plot is a bit extreme to be portrayed as the “high school experience,”, but it makes sense regarding the overall storyline.
During this new season, we see Rue continuing to struggle with her sobriety, which to her seems like a never-ending cycle. She begins to realize that her substance abuse issues not only affect her, but all those around her as well.
Although Euphoria revolves around Rue and her life, we also see many different storylines intertwined in the show.
Lexi (her oldest friend) begins observing everyone around her, including her older sister Cassie and begins writing a play about all of her friends and their lives.
Two other heavily mentioned characters (Maddy and Nate) have an on-and-off relationship that seems to change throughout the episodes and as the show progresses. Both characters face different challenges that seem to get the best of them when times get hectic.
All in all, even with all the different characters and storylines, everything seems to tie back to Rue. She causes issues for other characters as well as herself while dealing with all of her personal problems.
This new season is supposed to branch out with other characters and give us an insight on life at East Highland High School and all activities that occur on and off campus.
Whether they are waiting to see what happens next with Rue and her recovery, or guessing if Maddy and Nate will get back together, viewers are guaranteed something to get them hooked and leave them counting down the days until the next episode.