Squid Game pulls in millions of viewers

Elie Raad, Staff Writer

Squid Game is the most popular show on Netflix and it is on its way to become the number one watched TV series on the streaming platform according to Netflix chief Ted Serandos. The show is set  in Korea, and unless you speak the language you will be reading subtitles or hearing voice overs. Still, that did not stop millions of people in the US from watching it. 

 It is a gory drama that displays how money and fear shape society. The story follows a man who is considered a failure in his community. He is indebted and divorced, and in the first episode we see that Seong Gi-Hun,played by Lee Jung-Jae, is approached by a man who tells him about Squid Game, which is a competition of childhood games with around 450 contestants.Seong learns that if he enters the competition he could win millions of dollars, but what he soon realizes is that if you fail you die. 

Throughout the series, the audience can see who in the game changes from the trauma of all the gruesome deaths around them. You will see how people make the decision between money or morals.

By the end of the ninth episode there are only two contestants left. Viewers are left with a sense of what society is like in real life and understand that people will do anything to get ahead despite the toll it takes on themselves and the people they love, all for a prize that may not seem worth it in the end. Squid Game is worth your time even with the frustration of imperfect voice overs and the controversial ending.

Squid Game does a great job of giving people, especially high school seniors, an insight to what they may encounter once they leave campus in June. The show is almost a warning that in society there are always people willing to step on others, no matter who that person is and it leaves you wondering whether or not it’s worth being that person yourself.