PUSD Recognizes Mental Health


Peer counselors got ready, while students logged onto zoom where they awaited to be let in from the waiting room. They are excited to teach and learn how to further their mental health, as well as attain information to better the people around them. From April 19 to April 23, PUSD hosted a week of wellness to address mental health.

¨This really benefited the students, informed them about resources on campus, and they learned why it is important to take care of themselves physically, and more importantly mentally and emotionally,¨ sophomore peer counselor Miah Garcia said. 

Peer Counselors from PUSD high schools give presentations on wellness practices via Zoom meetings. And recorded versions are still available on YouTube. 

The activity sessions were led by high school ambassadors, and the parent sessions were led by school psychologists and counselors. 

“We first had counselors within our district give an overview presentation about wellness and about the benefits for students, then after we had the student presenters go more in depth about each topic,” senior and peer counselor Emily Bylsma said. 

Topics for these Zooms included the overall well-being for mental health, “school life” balance, how to manage time, and the benefits of self care. 

“I think it was a healthy reminder for all PUSD students that our well-being will overall create improvements within our life and make us happier,” peer counselor Kate Bylsma said. 

To access the recorded Zooms, go to @powayunifiedssac instagram and click the link in their bio. Then select which video you would like to watch, and put in the password found on the Instagram page that corresponds to the video.

These Zoom meetings were available for elementary, middle and high school students. The middle school presentation occurred on Monday, high school on Wednesday, and elementary on Friday. 

Each meeting included an introduction , an activity session , a parent session , and a question and answer session . 

As part of the week there was an Everbowl fundraiser at the Poway, Rancho Bernardo, and Rancho Penasquitos locations. Fifty percent of proceeds went towards PUSD’s high school peer counseling programs. 

PUSD week of wellness helped many people recognize the importance of mental health, and gave ways for students to stay healthy.