Titans Take on Trimester Three

“I’m excited that sports are starting up again. I am also really excited to hopefully go back on campus because I feel like I am not getting a good education over the computer. Part of me is sad though because I have really gotten used to my own routine at home and going back to school is so different from what I’ve gotten used to.” — junior Abby Gant.
“I feel like I have gotten my routine down for online school, and I have an offroll next trimester as well, which will be a nice break! ”–  junior Gabriella Lazaro


“I am excited about hopefully going back to campus for trimester 3 even if it’s not full time.”  — sophomore Mikey Eagan 
“I am excited for Trimester 3 because it means that we are getting close to summer break. I am also ready to go back on campus because it is a lot easier for me to learn in person.” — sophomore Keelii Kawamoto