New Staff at PHS, Shorter February Break, Blood Drive, Virtual Elective Fair

New Staff At PHS

Three new staff members have been hired at Poway High School, including social science teacher Anna Heatherington, Athletic Secretary Christina Fuentes, and Adriana Gonzalez as administrative assistant to Assistant Principal Monique Kanouse.

Shorter February Break

Normally, Students have the entire week of Feb. 15 to19 off due to the two national holidays, President’s day and Lincon’s Birthday during the week. However, after the delayed start of the school year due to the COVID virus, the break is being cut to just the 15th and 19th, the days of the actual holidays, to make up lost time.

Blood Drive

The San Diego Blood Bank is hosting a blood drive at their many locations and mobile centers, with a system that lets students earn points for their school for donating blood. If you are interested in donating blood, use the code “PYHS” when booking an appointment at The ASB is hoping to get 100 donors. The event ends Feb. 28.

Virtual Elective Fair

Due to the pandemic situation, a Virtual Elective Fair will be held starting February 8. Through the website at  Students can access “information and videos on every club and corresponding pathway classes offered on our campus” said ASB President Jake Murray.