Flu Numbers Decrease

Influenza in the past has been an annual problem for many of us, but with the COVID-19 outbreak,, the number of flu cases has been drastically reduced. With Covid-19 being labeled a global pandemic many governments have taken precautions to reduce the exposure and the spread of the virus. This mostly includes masks and stay at home orders.

What has been the most prominent reason for the drop of flu numbers? “I think it’s from measures taken from the COVID  pandemic,” Dr. Jared Yee said. Yee specializes in neurology, but he has an understanding of viruses such as influenza. 

When asked about the Covid-19 protocals, “From an economic standpoint these orders are ridiculous, but from a medical standpoint they are necessary for your health and for others as well, and Influenza is highly transmittable,” Dr. Yee said.

Most masks do a good job of stopping outside particles, and they are designed to prevent micro particles that emanate from your mouth and nose, even though they inhibit  talking and breathing. 

Being forced to stay at home also helps as well. While people stay at home, the circulation of the flu virus decreases, which lessens exposure and transmission.Influenza is a common virus that does transmit relatively easily. Since the middle of last year there has been  a drastic drop in the number of reported cases. “Only 0.02% of Americans have contracted the flu virus, and in the past years the percentages were closer to 1-2 percent”(CDC). 


Thanks to Covid-19 and the regulations associated with it, influenza numbers and many other viruses have seen a decline over the past months. Keep wearing masks and following protocols to lessen your chances of contracting the flu and of course Covid-19.