Check out “Clouds” on Disney+


Abigail Wong, Staff Writer

“Clouds” by Zach Sobiech has been one of my favorite songs since it was released in 2012, and I never knew the inspirational story of how it was written. The movie “Clouds” on Disney Plus does a great job of telling the true story of Sobiech’s battle with cancer and how he inspired others by chasing his dreams of being a famous singer-songwriter.

The story follows Sobiech, played by Fin Argus, through the last months of his life. After he learns his cancer is terminal, Sobiech decides to use the time he has left to write an album with his best friend Sammy (played by Sabrina Carpenter).Argus and Carpenter do a great job of playing the roles of Sobiech and Sammy and make the movie feel real. 

I loved the soundtrack for the movie. However, I do wish the song “Clouds” was played at least once all the way through in the movie.

The movie shows Sobiech getting to experience the joy of achieving his dream of becoming a famous singer-songwriter and the pain his loved ones feel having to say goodbye to him. There are many emotional scenes where Sobiech talks to his girlfriend Amy (played by Madison Iseman) and his friend Sammy about the future he wishes he could have with him. 

The actors showed how painful it is to see someone you love die and to lose the future you thought you would have with them. 

I found the movie cheesy at times, but overall it did a wonderful job of telling the inspirational story of how Zach Sobiech wrote his hit single “Clouds” while battling terminal osteosarcoma.