IOS 14 Makes its Way Into The World


Apple has recently changed everything consumers thought they knew about their beloved Apple Products. With its appearance on Sept. 16, IOS 14 is forcing Apple users to adapt and adjust to their new iPhones.

This update introduced many new features intended to make the iPhone “new and improved.” With positive new additions such as Widgets and the app library, as well as negative changes to Siri and FaceTime, this new update has mixed reactions. It has its pros, but at the end of the day, avoid getting the update if it is possible.

One positive addition to this update was the widget. These are installations on the home screen that allow users to glance at apps within seconds. Users can also customize widgets with pictures from their camera roll. This gives iPhone users more options for customizing their home screen, which can make apps more accessible.

Another new addition to Apple allows users to have a less crowded home screen. All users have to do is search for their apps if they need it, instead of looking for it. This was a great contribution to the iPhone and makes finding apps easier.

Existing features such as Siri have changed. When Siri is summoned, it no longer affects the full screen. It is now simply a circular pop up at the bottom. This seems pointless. Apple iPhone owners who use Siri can no longer see what they are saying, and Siri no longer talks out loud to the phone owners. Siri used to be a fun time-passer to mess around with, but that can no longer happen.

FaceTime also took a change for the worse. Now, while on facetime, when exiting and going to other apps, the caller is still in the corner of the screen. In order to get rid of their face, users must swipe them out of the screen. This is a useless change and just makes things more difficult on the phone while on FaceTime. 

Lastly, the update changed the camera. Since updating, many people have experienced a decline in camera quality.  Many pictures and videos uploaded to social media now seem pixelated and very blurry.  While Apple has not addressed this matter directly, it is spoken about on the discussions page on the Apple website. Personally, I have experienced this problem as well. This is never a good thing, especially since Apple is always praised for its camera quality. 

Although the update introduced more customizing features, many changes that were made seemed unnecessary and aggravating. Apple made way too many adjustments that just made the overall phone quality decline. While there is nothing that can be done to reverse the update, adjusting is for sure difficult. If it is a possibility, I urge to hold off on updating for as long as possible.