To some, 2019 may have been considered a disappointing year for the movie industry, but this year seems promising with lots of new characters and stories being created, along with better filming techniques and technology for animation. My most highly anticipated movies for the first half of 2020 include these:

Birds of Prey– This year, Harley Quinn, played by Kaley Cuoco, is getting her own movie debuting on Feb 7. Harley has split with the Joker, making for some drama, and joins a team of heroes to rescue a little girl. I think it will be intriguing to see Harley working with heros this time around.

Onward– I can’t wait for Pixar’s new original movie entering theaters on March 6. The beautifully animated film’s story follows two elf brothers who are searching for magic so they can spend one last day with their dead father. 

The New Mutants– The X-Men will be back on April 3 with the final addition to the movie saga. I’m excited to see the five new mutants use their newfound powers to try to escape from a secret facility where they are being held. Hopefully they will survive, but it could be interesting if not all of them make it.

No Time to Die- There’s a new James Bond movie, starring actor Daniel Craig, coming to theaters on April 8. The movie starts with Bond living a calm life in Jamaica, but the peacefulness won’t last long, seeing how a CIA agent comes to him asking for help on a rescue mission. This movie will surely keep you on your toes as it takes the viewer on a new exciting adventure.

Black Widow– Marvel’s character Black Widow is finally getting her own solo movie, releasing on May 1. This film looks action-packed, showing Black Widow’s story along with the highly anticipated and long-awaited secret Budapest mission.

Soul– Pixar is releasing a second movie, Soul, which releases on June 19, that will follow the life of a human’s soul after it leaves its body. Not only does the plot seem interesting, but the animation looks spectacular.