Rolling into Poway: Mr. D


David DeLon

Devin Varga, Staff Writer

Poway High has been wracked with staff shortages since the start of this year, particularly in campus security. On March 9th, Poway welcomed a new campus supervisor, David DeLon, who introduces himself as Mr. D. His job is to patrol the school and enforce the rules to keep everyone safe. Some of DeLon’s duties include monitoring students during breaks and checking off-campus passes.

DeLon has had previous experience working for Carlsbad Unified School District as a middle school supervisor. “I heard many great things about Poway, great students and staff and it sounded like a nice place to work,” DeLon said. 

Before moving to San Diego, DeLon worked for Marriott Hotels in Hawaii, also as a supervisor. He grew up in the town of Kailua-Kona on the big island, where he spent much of his time surfing, hiking, and taking long walks on the beach. 

His fun-loving attitude lets him appreciate working with high school students. This year has been especially hard for the new freshmen, and Poway’s supervisors strive to make them feel welcome. 

“One of them’s there every morning to greet me coming into school. I don’t talk to them much, but if I ask, they’re happy to lend a hand.” freshman Ramiel Regalado said. Along with the other supervisors, DeLon is helping to create a happy and secure environment for students at Poway High.