PUSD says “No Excuses”

Four-year college pushed as the only option in elementary schools


Lily Teran , Staff Writer

Since elementary school, students are being taught that there are “no excuses” as to why they cannot attend a four-year college or university. Not enough is being taught about other options after high school. In middle school, most students are aware of the university path they can follow.
It is not until high school that students truly realize the number of options they have. It is drilled into students from a young age that they have a two options: attend a four-year college or university or go to community college. Teachers will try to advertise .
Some students may not be able to attend a four-year college or university because of financial stress. Attending a community college – like Miramar Community College or Palomar Community College – offers students a spot in just about any UC (University of California) school they want. It is a good and far cheaper alternative to attending a four-year.
Elementary schools in the district are vying for students to attend college. They want the best outcome for students, but sometimes the best outcome for students is not a four year school. If the teachers really want the best for their students, then they should support the wants and needs of their students. If a student does not want to go to a four-year college, support that decision and help them with what they want to do. Give students all of the options, with an unbiased opinion of them.
Students, especially high schoolers, should be able to choose what they want to do. They are preparing for the rest of their lives. They are the ones who know what they want. Not advertising options like trade school, going straight into the workforce, or even taking a gap year is an issue. There is not anything wrong with following those other options.
Teachers in elementary schools need to start informing their students about other choices they can make. Not only would it reduce potential stress about their futures, but it can open more doors for students to have the best outcome of their lives.
As a student, it’s incredibly frustrating teachers are not giving students the resources they want or need. Minimally informing students on some of the options is not beneficial to anyone. I feel that I should be given all the options with an unbiased explanation of what it is I am choosing from in order to make a decision that is beneficial for myself and my future.