Freshmen freeze in P.E.


Iliad/Suhail Rahimi

Rylee Harris, Staff Writer

It’s barely 7 a.m., and it’s 50 degrees outside. You shiver in your bathing suit as you look around at your numb, miserable peers, all of them dreading to go into the freezing pool.
Poway High School’s Physical Education program is about exercising and having fun with your classmates, but Swim PE does not meet that criteria when students are cold, uncomfortable, and tired.
For girls, it can be a struggle because their menstruation cycle is very painful and uncomfortable. Many girls still wear pads instead of tampons, so that is a struggle when they have to go swimming.
Not only do students barely have any time to get ready and risk being late to their next class, they are left to deal with the sting of chlorine and dripping hair the rest of the day.
Many teenagers may also feel self conscious in a swimsuit. This could affect their mental health and self confidence. Schools should not push this on students.
Some claim that Swim PE is a good workout for students. Swimming builds endurance, strength and uses nearly all muscles. Swimming can help you by relaxing and having a positive mindset.
Not only is swimming good for the body, it can be enjoyable, but only when it is appropriate weather and away from the judging eyes of peers.
At the very least, Swim PE should be in the first trimester so it wouldn’t be as cold. Swim PE should be an option and should never be a required course.