Spending money is addictive like a drug. The majority of teens spend our money on the necessities like; food, gas, and other things. Teenagers spend money because we have the tendency to buy what we want and have no control.

We’re teenagers. We all like to go places. “I tend to spend most of my paycheck just on gas because I love seeing new things,” junior Taylor Wilson said. Once we are given the ability to drive, money goes down the drain. We want to go out with our friends and hang out whether it be bowling, going to a movie, or going to a party we have to have the money to get gas to go do these things we love so much.

Another thing we all love to buy is food, “I go broke during football season, going to In and Out spending eight or nine dollars ,” senior Kyle Nevin said.

“Wings n things almost knows my order now and I’m not proud of it,” junior Trevor Tistinkel said. The after game munching fest. Everyone goes out to go eat after basketball ball or football games and hang out with their friends. Always going out to eat can be expensive but it’s worth it in the end. Money shouldn’t be a issue if you’re having a good time and making good memories.

Money doesn’t make you happy, but it sure does help the process along the way. “ The only thing I spend money on is on concerts and those cost around 150 dollars and I don’t regret any of them,” junior Noah Adams said.

“I spend most money on clothes, I’m not proud of it but I enjoy it” junior Dana Vines said. Don’t settle for less then you want. If going to a concert and jumping around to your favorite music makes you happy then do it. Or if buying clothes makes you happy then treat yourself once in a while. You can always return what you don’t want.