Doc River’s Journey

   The NBA season has fully wrapped up and is now moving onto the offseason. Although it seems since the season is over news would die down, this is incorrect. Many upsets happened during the playoffs, including The Los Angeles Clippers choking a 3-1 lead in a series to the Denver Nuggets. 

   Fans blamed the players and the coaches of the team, Doc Rivers. There were reports that they were keeping him for next season, even though he did a poor job coaching during the playoffs. Then, September 28 when the Clippers announced that they are parting ways with the long term head coach. People saw this as a good move because of the poor coaching during the playoffs. I believe that this is a fantastic move by the clippers because I personally believe he is an overrated coach. He has had chances to win with a good team and he’s blown both opportunities.

   It didn’t take long for the Clippers to hire a new head coach. They moved on from Rivers and moved the assistant coach Tyrone Lue  to head coach.  Lue is most known for coaching the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016 when they won the NBA championship.

   As for Rivers, he also moved on from the team fast. A couple days after getting fired he already had a new coaching job for the Philadelphia 76rs, who had just fired their head coach for being horrible in the playoffs. It looks to be a great fit for Rivers and he hopes to bring the 76rs success. His reasoning for accepting the head coach offer so fast was that he could not turn down coaching the duo of Ben Simmons and Joel Embid, All star Power Forward and Center duo.

     Both teams have big offseasons coming up trying to teach their players new systems and plays. Doc Rivers and Tyrone Lue both have potential to be great fits for both teams. The only way to see how it goes is when the season comes back next year.