Track squad breaks multiple school records


Jacob Diaz, Staff Writer

Track stars Claire Blanco, Indiana Langford, Tessa Buswell, and Alyssa Bean competed on April 8 in the Arcadia State Invitational, considered by track athletes and coaches as the most competitive meet in the country. Participating in the 4×4 relay, these track athletes worked together to have record-breaking times. 

“We ran at the national meet in Arcadia and improved our season best there. Our team is stronger than others because we run under 60-second splits, which puts us at number one in San Diego, seventh in California, and top 25 in the nation,” Blanco said. 

This group of runners also placed first in the Invitational, every dual meet the Bronco invitational, and the ASICS invitational. 

Blanco, a senior,  is the 1st leg of their 4×4 group , senior Langford is the 2nd leg , Buswell, a sophomore,  is next, and last but not least , top400m sprinter, senior Alyssa Bean the anchor.

“I’ve been running individually since my freshman year, and was never planning on making track my full sport, but I grew to love it and the energy that came with it,” Bean said. 

Competing in the 4×4 relay race at Arcadia , they placed fifth with a time of 3:55.50, and broke many of our schools 4×4 records, placing sixth in all time school history. 

“We have been running together since the Palomar League finals last year, and I think our chemistry and relationship with each other makes us strong. We are very encouraging of each other and love to see each other succeed,” Buswell said. 

Track star Bean will be continuing her track career next year at San Jose State University, lets see what our athletes accomplish in the future.