Freshmen on varsity sports teams


Jacob Diaz

Freshman Mya McGowan takes part of a 45-39 girls’ basketball victory over San Marcos.

Jonny Richardson, Sports Editor

Varsity is the highest level of high school athletics, and most student-athletes will not compete in the  varsity level until their junior or senior year. However, there are a few instances where a freshman makes the varsity team in their first year of high school. 

Freshmen Mya McGowan and Katelyn Johnson, playing girls’ basketball, both made varsity to start the season. 

In soccer,  Jaylen Concepcion, Sean Jestand and Regan Meyers each made varsity after playing for many years in club soccer. 

Boys’ wrestling features the most freshmen on varsity, with eight: Devin Bobzein, Ben Bomberger, Jalen Concepcion, Robert Jones, Angelo Posada, Edwin Sierra, Billy Townson, and Xiomara Gallego.

Six of roller hockey’s 13 players are freshmen this year. Charlott Crudale, Connor Liddle, Alex Obert, Isaiah Provencio, Jackson Vranish and Joel Whitehead make up nearly half the team, the highest rate of freshmen on varsity teams this season.

Roller hockey only has one level, so everybody who made the team plays on the varsity team.