Got Football?

Raelyn Cornell, writer

   The adrenaline rush you feel as your team races down the field with only a few seconds left to score the winning touchdown is unmatchable. While 2020 has thrown some fumbles, the return of college football has brought back school spirit, that helps fulfill the college experience and overall, makes it feel as if everything is finally advancing back to normal. 

   School spirit is essential to make sports games, especially football, enjoyable. During these times of crisis, we need some optimism, and football can return that feeling of comfort that things are starting to look up. With family members in college, when people come together to watch their college play, even if it might be through a screen, the feelings that are being felt are impeccable. 

   In college, people make memories that last a lifetime. Even to this day, many Titan parents talk about attending their school’s games. College football helps fulfil the college experience, and with this sport returning, it is helping make the students memories.  

   Just like every other issue, there is controversy with college athletes returning. These players put their lives at risk, as well as others with the knowledge that obtaining COVID-19 is a possibility. However, with these players getting tested weekly, and following protocol, there is no reason for anyone to stress. 

   Before the pandemic, sports all around the world were happening and teams were traveling around the globe. With college football reappearing, it gives people a feeling that everything is starting to return back to somewhat normal. There is also the tradition aspect of it. These colleges have been around forever, and with every school, comes history. This year has been quite difficult, but maybe this is a sign of positivity. 

   Many people have been affected in this time of crisis, whether an individual is 4-years-old or 50-years-old, this pandemic has impacted everybody’s life. But it is a learning curve for all, and college football returning is the start of us reinstating back to our normal lives.