Anyone visiting another school will notice that most high schools have hallways full of spirited art, corridors of uplifting colors and murals.
“I feel like our school lacks the personal and creative touch other campuses have,” sophomore Chase Dimino said. Some schools boost morale by introducing many types of art throughout their campus.
One campus, Rancho Bernardo High School, uses art to motivate students and staff. They have murals that promote academics, acknowledge the environment, and represent the surrounding community. RB has a Mural Club that raises money and develops the ideas of each year’s mural.
“Our murals brighten our peers’ day and create a sense of community in our school,” RB sophomore Jessie Ackerman said.
The murals at RB shows how art positively affects a school. If Poway High School adds art, Titans can hope to see the same progressive changes on our campus and in our relationship with our campus.
Principal Richard Nash supports murals here and is open to hearing ideas from students that have them. Nash wants to ensure that campus art not only brightens the school’s appearance, but delivers a positive message. Nash hopes art will strengthen the community and diminish many Titans’ lack of respect towards school.
“A family does not treat their home the way we have been treating our school,” Nash said. The goal with the beautification projects is that students and staff will value the campus and treat it with respect. In fact, there are already projects administration is working on.
The B bathroom is currently closed for renovations. The stall doors will receive engraved designs from Engineering and have color added to them. The face lift will continue to the walls through colorful paint and positive messages. The hope is that eventually this process will be spread to all the other bathrooms.
For another project, titans will be able to purchase tiles to be displayed on the west wall of the H-building. The date of completion for each of these projects has not been determined.