Kailee Newman, Sports Editor

In the movies, Homecoming, Prom and Morp are portrayed as some of the most unforgettable and fun nights of one’s high school experience. 

In reality there are a few more not-as magical parts about school dances. The financial aspect of attending school dances, can provide a more luxurious life on campus for students and ensures that class’ senior year, will be the best one yet.

“All the money made from attending school promoted dances, goes back into the student body,” ASB Director Emily Pratt said. 

Money acquired from dances allows Poway High to afford motivational speakers, props at pep rallies, unique venues for Prom and Homecoming, as well as the fund for each class’s senior year. Each freshman class forms an account and the money acquired throughout their high school career, funds their senior activities. 

“I would tell the freshman to go to every event they can. It only makes memories, ands gives them a reason to have fun, and helps fund events for their next years to come,” ASB senior Class President Josie Allen said. 

“I do plan on going to a bunch of dances throughout high school, and my first dance was Morp and it was really fun,” freshmen Olivia Inigo said. 

Party culture, aka people ditching dances to party, has recently taken a toll on attendance at school dances, leaving little money to design and make the events the best as possible. Prom 2019 had around 500-600 attendees whereas in past years it has been closer to 800-1000. 

“Party culture has definitely affected people attending school dances. Sometimes I think that this generation forgets and invalidates some of the most memorable parts of their high school experience,” ASB Executive of Activities senior Lexie Roche said. The fewer students who go to dances, the less money there is to fund the activities to come. 

Going to school dances, can blow a house party out of the water. Being able to dance like no one’s watching, in a beautiful venue, surrounded by classmates, allows students to live the glamorous nights portrayed in high school movies.