Ari Kessler, Sports Editor

Avocado, butter, ice cream, and Kool Aid. What do all of these things have in common you might ask? They can all be found at the annual San Diego County Fair as deep-fried and stomach-turning delights.

Each year, the fair adds new fried foods to its already sickening list of food options. In past years, some of the most popular items include deep-fried avocado, chocolate covered bacon, and deep-fried butter, all of which I have tried. I would be lying if I said I enjoyed any of these options, as they are all too absurd to be tolerable. The deep-fried avocado was good upon first bite however they give you 4 pieces in one tray and anything more than one bite is simply just too much. The chocolate covered bacon I was interested to try since I had heard from friends that it was good. They could not have been more wrong, in my opinion. It was too much too have something so salty covered in something so sweet. The deep-fried butter was the worst of them all. First off, butter should never be eaten alone. Frying it does not make it anymore except able to eat. It is a disgusting mess and you can literally feel your cholesterol spiking up with every chew.

Adding to the list this year are deep fried birthday cakes, deep fried eggplant, deep fried chicken skins, and deep fried Gansitos (Mexican sweet cake). I am not sure about the rest of you all, but I am ready for some new and not-so-fried food options.

In addition to the “deep-fried” food group, the fair also offers many non-fried, yet just as sickening delicacies. This list includes anything from chocolate covered bacon, to bacon wrapped churros, to the triple decker Krispy Kreme cheeseburger, or to a Cajun fire dog. None of these options sounds even remotely appetizing, let alone edible.

Not only are the current foods almost all deep fried, but every option is absurdly over-priced. In my opinion, spending $10-$15 on lunch is far too much, especially when the healthiest thing you can find is chicken strips or a turkey leg.

Fair food, while unusual, is not worth the time or the money. Go to the fair for the rides and the art, not the food.