Amina Idoui, Staff Writer

Football continues to be a male-dominated sport, but it is always good to see the occasional female breaking traditional gender roles and participating in such an activity.

Senior Kailyn Lavelle is on the varsity football team and plays wide receiver as well as cornerback.

“Being on the team has been such a great opportunity. I learned a lot of valuable life lessons and pushed my limits,” Lavelle said.

Senior Kobe Brown, who plays wide receiver and cornerback as well, enjoys having Lavelle on the team.

“She has been a great team player and tries her best all the time. She is pretty equal to everyone else and is not treated any differently because she is a girl,” Brown said.

Coach Scott Coats, who has been coaching for twenty years, also appreciates Lavelle’s effort and applauds her.

“Kailyn is treated with respect and is an excellent teammate.  She is always engaged in practice and the games, rooting on her teammates and doing the right thing.  She gives great effort and is willing to help the team in any way she can.  I think everyone respects her and is happy she is on the team,” Coats said.

Lavelle has worked very hard and it continues to remain an admirable feat that she successfully participates on the varsity team.