Every Monday, Poway High has an early release at 1:35 p.m. for Pro Growth, rather than our normal release time of 2:30 pm. Some students have mentioned that for our short day they would rather have a late start at around 8:30 a.m. instead of having our early release, but early release is definitely the better option.

I would much rather have a larger chunk of my day spent out of school during the afternoon because it gives me more opportunities to go out and do something of my choice. This opportunity leads to a less sorrowful Monday for most students since they can go out to hang with friends or even get more time to complete their homework.

With early release, students that have homework to do receive an extra hour to complete it, making their afternoon less stressful. With a late start day, students would not get any extra time, and most students are doing their own activities after school, such as sports.

If there is a late start then students get to sleep in for around an hour longer than normal, but they still get out of school at the usual time, which gives them a shorter afternoon. Overall, rather than being at school, early release allows students the chance to go out and enjoy their time by doing fun activities like going to the beach.