Fast, exciting, and electric, freshman sprinter Alyssa Bean won big in CIF. She finished the 400 meter with a time of 56.15 seconds (which is a new school record) last weekend on her way to State. As of May- she was ranked third in San Diego in the 400 meter, 18th in the 100 meter, and tied for 14th in the 200 meter sprints. This freshman who has been tearing up her competition will only get faster with more experience.

Bean is the second fastest female in Palomar league for the 100 and 200 meter sprints. She runs a blazing 12.41 second 100 meter and a 25.21 second 200 meter sprints; which is comparable to some of the male sprinters. “I am motivated by the whole team, especially the upperclassmen. And my coach helped me get better and is always willing to give tips,” Bean said.

She feels excited about her success and high rankings, she stated “I felt pretty amazed and a little shocked.  It’s crazy to be a freshman and be this high in State.”

Last week, she placed 16th in state with a time of 56.81 which is a step back from her personal best but still a very good time.