Matteo Corona, Staff Writer

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Dylan Hines has been injured for most of his high school career. He has had problems ranging from his back to his shins, but his most severe injury was when he tore his acl last summer playing club lacrosse.

While planting his foot to cut back inside, one part of his leg went with him, while the other part stayed planted. At first he thought it was just a sprained knee, so he continued to try and play on it. He finally went to the doctor to get an MRI and that’s when he found out he had torn his ACL.

Since learning about his ACL, Dylan has been intensely rehabbing while still supporting his team from the sidelines. “Dylan has been a valuable player for us even when he was injured because he just brought a good attitude and energy to our sideline,”  varsity coach Tim Schaeffer said.

“I just wanted to show everyone that I was ok with sitting out, these types of injuries can really sap someone’s confidence, and I wanted to show that I was fine,” Hines said. Hines has even made jokes at his own expense. He says he is a part of the walking wounded of Poway.

Hines finally came back against Foothill on April 27. He showed a little rust in their 13-7 loss. But then, against Westview, Hines had a great game. He scored three goals and assisted another two, totaling five points on the day. He then won player of the game and received the hard hat, which means he worked the hardest.

Dylan plans on going to a junior college for two years then is planning to transfer into a division 1 school. “I am just excited to see where my future goes,” Dylan said.