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The Other Zoey breaks rom-com expectations

Suhail Rahimi

The first meet in a romantic comedy is the setting stone for the rest of the movie. For Zoey, hers was being hit in the head with a soccer ball by Zach MacLaren.
The Other Zoey is a short and sweet film, both in release time and in length. Going in blind, I had no idea what to expect regarding the plot.

All I knew was actors Josephine Langford (best known for her role as Tessa in the After series), who plays Zoey, and Drew Starkey, who plays Zach, were all the reasons I needed to be inclined to tune in.
The plot of the movie felt almost odd to me. Zach and Zoey meet prior to Zach hitting his head and losing his memory of the past couple of weeks. She then pretends to be his girlfriend, who happens to also be named Zoey, because Zoey felt a previous connection with Zach’s cousin who is staying for the weekend.

I felt the movie was going strong until Zach hits his head and she decides to lie about her identity. Their meeting was perfect, and the banter they had was everything I look for in a romantic comedy. But then I felt weird watching her lie to him and his family, while simultaneously trying to get involved with his cousin.

That said, as odd as I found the plot, I can see this movie being a comfort movie for those who crave a sweet and light-hearted film that will pull on your heartstrings. No matter how odd the plot, I still enjoy the actors themselves and appreciate the overarching themes of leaving home and trying to find yourself.

I found comfort in the homey feel of the places they filmed such as their college campus and the apartment that Zoey lived in.

Drew Starkey (best known for his role as Rafe Cameron in Outer Banks) was charming as Zach. He was witty and sweet, and I could almost see why Zoey lied about being his girlfriend.
One of my favorite parts of the film was the day that Zoey and Zach spent together, playing chess, making pizza, and getting to know each other. However, I felt that it was the only moment after he hit his head, that they truly connected.

I found myself wishing the movie was longer. With the two actors playing the love interests, the plot they ran with seemed like a missed opportunity for something better. For example, I thought the plot would be more complex and unravel smoother than it did. It felt like the climax came and went and wasn’t resolved until the last minute of the movie.

I enjoyed Zoey’s claims that she does not believe in love, but in compatibility. Throughout the movie, she realizes that compatibility is not the only factor that matters, but also how you feel about a person. Personally, I loved that they had her be this non-believer in love and immune to rom-coms only for her to be a character in one.

This film puts comedy into romantic comedy. I was laughing the entire time because it was a silly film. Hence, with all of my complaints, I can see my hopeless romantic self coming back to watch this movie, especially since it is playing in theaters until it is available on Amazon Prime Video on November 10.

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