E-sports aims to up their game

Ned Riddle, Staff Writer

     Poway High School’s Esports team is gearing up for a series of upcoming competitions. The team, which consists of dedicated gamers from the school, has been practicing and honing their skills in preparation for the events.

     Esports has been gaining popularity in recent years, with more and more schools adding it to their list of extracurricular activities. Poway High School is no exception, with the creation of their very own Esports team.

     The team, which is made up of students from different grade levels, has been meeting regularly to practice their skills in various games. From games like League of Legends and Fortnite, as well as Rocket League and Smash Bros. The team has been working to improve their strategies and communication skills.

     The upcoming competitions will put their hard work to the test, as they face off against other schools in the district eventually, however the team has no meets scheduled as of yet. The team is confident in their abilities, however, and is determined to bring home a win whenever a competition may arise.

     “We will eventually hold competitions against other school teams in the esports room, D-50.” senior Connor Sprouse said.

     “I’m super excited to compete with all my buddies in Super Smash Bros. in the Esports club,” senior Stephan Ohannessian said. “It’s been a pleasure playing games with all my friends.”

     The team has received support from the school and the community as a whole. Esports may be a relatively new addition to the list of school sports, but it has already garnered a lot of attention and support from students.

     “My favorite thing about being part of the Esports team at Poway is having people to play with. Playing games with others is way more fun than playing by myself and the esports team lets me do that,” Sprouse said.

     The esports team is not currently set to compete in a series of tournaments in the coming weeks, however the team is practicing and getting better at the games they love while having fun too. While the competition will be tough, the team is ready to face the challenge head-on and show the world what they’re made of.