Tennis Takeover

This year, the Varsity Boys’ Tennis team was the strongest it has ever been in the last four years based on the team’s chemistry. They held a very strong record and won league. Strong players like senior Justin Nguyen and sophomore Sasha Kremliovsky led the team to this successful outcome.
“Even though we had a rough start, our chemistry slowly built up and eventually, through many difficult matches, we became the best team in our league,” Nguyen said.
The tennis team had outstanding performances throughout the season, which included beating Rancho Bernardo at Rancho Bernardo 10-8. Nguyen said this was his favorite memory during the season.
“This has been one of our stronger lineups in the past few years,” sophomore Sasha Kremliovsky said.
Although the team did not perform as well as they hoped in CIF team play, individual players went farther.
“In team CIF, I won everything, but we lost first round. In individuals, I lost to the runner up of the entire tournament in a very close match,” Kremliovsky said.
The team’s bond was unbreakable, which had a positive effect on the team’s performance during their season, including CIF. This bond was also shared when the team was off the court.
“The most memorable moment is when we went to Buffalo Wild Wings after the San Marcos match and we just had a good time with each other,” Kremliovsky said.
They won against San Marcos in that match, which made their team bonding experience even more enjoyable. Kremliovsky plans to play tennis at a Division I school.
Although their season had plenty of trial and error, they had a season record of 6-4.