Embroidery by Edwards

Freshman Jackie Edwards shows her creativity in a different way than other students might: through embroidery. Although the process to embroider is tedious for Edwards, she loves to sell her products to people as a pastime on Instagram. Many Poway High students and friends of Jackie have bought embroidery from her.
Edwards’s intricate process of embroidering clothing is especially time-consuming.
“I have to cut the sides of the sweatshirt open, iron-on stabilizer, and place the frame in the exact center of the sweatshirt … some designs take 5 minutes and some take 5 hours,” Edwards said.
Many of Edwards’s designs are recreations of popular designs purchased from Etsy, but customers are able to request any custom design that they want for her to create.
“Her designs are really good quality and are super cute,” freshman Lauren Prue said. Not only are Edwards’s products fashionable and long-lasting, her quickness and good service is what seals the deal for her customers.
“I have multiple crew necks and hoodies from Jackie, and I usually just tell her the color and what I want it to say and she gets the job done,” sophomore Tatyana Maxwell said. Edwards started embroidering sweatshirts during the pandemic. She has encountered plenty of trial and error, which can make her feel frustrated.
“When the designs are very intricate with lots of different colors, it can rip a hole in the sweater,” Edwards said. The hardest designs that Edwards has had to make were PDP sweatshirts. In total, she made four of them, which took her nine hours to complete.
Jackie’s Instagram account, @jne_creations, has over 100 followers. There she showcases all of the designs she has created. Each design ranges from $30 to $40.

“I would recommend her designs to everyone!” Maxwell said. Edwards’s hard work and creativity is undeniable and she hopes to sell many more sweatshirts in the future.