Lubisich helps Boys’ Basketball fight hard

One of boys’ basketball’s most memorable seasons yet


   Ball is life. A mantra upheld by Poway’s Boys Basketball team as they provided fierce competition this season.

   With 16 wins under their belt in the regular season, one player in particular has had a lot to offer.Senior Justin Lubisich, a recipient of the 1st Team All League award, had a fantastic season going into CIF playoffs.  

   Some of the highlights were the Mt. Carmel game, where Poway beat MC by 80 – 73 at their home court. Another highlight was Poway’s win against RB at their home court.

   “My favorite part of the season has been bonding with my team under a super dope new coach,” Lubisich said.

   Lubisich started playing in elementary school, and has loved it ever since.

   “I started playing basketball in first grade when I joined my older brother’s PYBL (Poway Youth Basketball League) team,” Lubisich said.

   While the varsity boys have surely had their fair share of fierce competitors this season, there is solace among the players in knowing that this year has been incredibly fun and rewarding for the team.

   “One memory that I like is when we beat RB at our place, and I hit a half court shot. That was hype,” Lubisich said.

   Other players on the team had similar anecdotes about their favorite memories.

   “A good memory of the season is coming out during our first game and beating Helix, a top 10 team in the country by 20 points,” senior Christian Gentilucci said.

   One of the hallmarks of any team is its pregame rituals. 

   “Our pre-game ritual would probably be singing ‘Bad Habits’ by Steve Lacy with the basketball squad before our games,” Lubisich said.

   It’s no secret that the team dynamics play a crucial role in the morale and success of the team as a whole. 

   Lubisich was an integral member on the team, and was cherished by his teammates. .“Great team player, and I love having him on the team.” junior Timmy Salamy said.

   Lubisich encourages future varsity players to continue chasing their dreams.

   “My tip would just be to have fun with it because it’ll make everything easier,” Lubisich said.

   With Poway’s win during their first playoff game on Valentines Day, the season is still continuing and will be a blast to watch. 

   Poway wishes the best to the graduating seniors as they move onto bigger and better things.