Kicking it up a notch

Varsity soccer athlete Noah James is headed to the top


Amelia Myers , Staff Writer

 With the clock running down, Varsity Soccer Captain Noah James swoops in and kicks the ball into the goal during their game against Rancho Bernardo on Dec. 13, where they won 3-2. 

   James has been playing soccer for 11 years and has been on varsity for two years. He plays attacking midfield and has committed to play soccer for Western Michigan University . 

   “I am sad about leaving high school soccer because I’ll miss playing with kids I’ve grown up with and known for many years,” James said.

      However, James is focused on the season ahead. “Our goal this season is to definitely win league and possibly CIF” James said.

   “Some advice I would give to others who want to play soccer is just to get out and play with other people as much as you can because you can learn from others,” James said. 

   Benicio Viramontes is one of James’s best friends.

   “Me and Noah have done everything together for as long as I can remember. We’re attached at the hip. The best part about Noah is how much he inspires me to be a better person on and off the field,” Viramontes said. 

   James and Viramontes have been friends ever since they were little kids. The first soccer team they were on together was when they were in third grade. 

   “When I’m really struggling, all I have to do is think about Noah, and it gets me going like nothing else. Being able to play on the same field as him was awe inspiring. I was so jealous of his skills with balls, even back then,” Viramontes said.

  Similar to James’s friends, his coach also believes that he has improved so much this year. 

   “Noah is very quiet and to himself. He takes everything serious, and that’s part of what makes him good. He doesn’t screw around, and he works hard,” Varsity Head Coach Gene Morris said. But he’s not always serious. 

   “Noah is a dork, and I think he’s pretty funny too. Sometimes he speaks before thinking, and that can be bad sometimes,”Morris said. 

   James participates in club soccer, so he plays year round  

   As of Jan. 17 the team has earned 7 wins, 2 ties, and 2 losses. 

   The next game is on Jan. 31. against Escondido High School.