A guide to hallway etiquette on campus


When the school schedule changed this year, our start and end times, and more importantly, our passing periods changed. With only six minutes to make it from class to class, it’s time to talk about hallway etiquette and the lack of it on campus.

Kindly remember that not everyone has nice and easy schedules. Maybe some people only have to move a door down, but others have to cross the entire campus to get to their next class on time. No hate is being sent to those with an easy schedule, but there are a few guidelines one should follow when loitering around in passing periods.

First off, if people aren’t sprinting to get to their next class, please be aware of those who are and don’t stand in the middle of the hallway to chat. Massive friend groups take up almost all of the hallway, leaving people to push and squeeze past them. They are an obstacle. Kindly move to the side of the hallway where they won’t inconvenience a major portion of the student body.
Moreover, if these people get to spend their passing periods having fun with their friends, they should try to compose themselves. Why are people choosing to throw a ball around right now when they could be doing that at a more appropriate time? Do they not see the people trying to get to class or do they not care? They’re acting immaturely, and it’s embarrassing. 

To add to that, please stop the public displays of affection (PDA). It’s lovely that people have found significant others, and that’s great for them, but there is a time and a place for making out with your partner and it’s definitely not the main hallway at 9:50 am. It’s against school rules, so stay safe and stop slobbering.

Finally, if students do have to walk across campus, be aware of other people and either choose to walk fast or choose not to block other people. Lines of friends walking one mile per hour is very inconvenient for those trying not to be late for class. This isn’t a demand for people to sprint, but it is a plea for them to either pick up their pace or move to the side.

Titans, it isn’t too late for us to start being more considerate of others. If you want to avoid frustrating others during passing periods, be kind and aware. Please.