Making Betts on the future

Senior Aiden Betts dedicates himself to theater

Aiden Betts stepped up on stage, ready to become Willy Wonka. The curtains fell away and the lights sting his eyes. It’s finally his time to shine.

Betts has been tearing up the stage since he was in seventh grade, with his favorite character so far having been Willy Wonka in the recent play.

“It’s my biggest role, and it’s the role where I’ve worked the hardest to perfect it,” Betts said. He plans to pursue theater jobs past high school, majoring in theater, and being open to going wherever he can to keep performing.

He is joined in the sentiment by his best friend and co-star, senior Jeremy Byrd. The two have been working together since their freshman year and will play brothers in the upcoming Addams Family musical, a fitting end to their high school careers. 

“Me and him have become best friends through theater, so it’s been a lot of fun growing together, and the theater’s just a big family,” Byrd said.

Senior Dillon Sablan has been close with Betts since kindergarten, and he joined theater alongside Betts last year. “He brings the energy when everybody is feeling down.”He just livens up everyone’s spirit,” Sablan said.