Practice like a champion


Amelia Myers, Staff Writer

   Senior Luke Condon has big plans for his future at the University of Wisconsin. Condon got offers from both Wisconsin and Cal Poly but he felt that ultimately the University of Wisconsin was a better fit for him. 

   “I will miss all of the friendships I made doing high school Wrestling. No matter the day, everyone is always smiling and joking around, and it feels like we are a big family,” Condon said. 

   Condon performed well last season when he earned third place at state and first place at Masters. 

   “One thing I’m looking forward to for the college wrestling team at the University of Wisconsin is seeing how some of the best collegiate wrestlers train and eat. I know I have a lot of room for growth, and I want to learn all I can to become great,” Condon said.

   Condon is not only an amazing wrestler, but also a leader andfriend to his teammates. “Luke is someone that is always there for me when I need him. No matter the time, if I give him a call, he will be there. I don’t look at him as a friend, I look at him as my big brother, always teaching me new stuff and taking care of me,” teammate Juan Plaza Bedoya  said. 

   Plaza Bedoya? and Condon have wrestled since  their freshman year, and got really close their junior year while they were both doing what they love.

   Coach John Meyers has played a huge role in getting Condon where he is today. 

   “When Luke is at practice he is serious and focused. He is always in a positive mood, happy, and has a great sense of humor. He is our team leader and cheers and encourages his teammates at all times,” Meyers said.