Titan green caps fly up in the air and a cheer goes up. Once the year’s senior class has graduated and become Titan alumni, many of the new graduates want to ring in their new-found freedom with a celebration.

Prior to 2019, however, each member of the graduating class had to make a choice: celebrate with their family, or with friends at Grad Nite. This year, Titans will not have to choose. Grad Nite is being held the night before the graduation ceremony, so the graduates will be free to celebrate however they want after the big event without FOMO pushing them to attend Grad Nite, and what a relief this change is.

Primarily a chance for the recently-graduated seniors to spend one last night with their classmates, Grad Nite also aims to keep them safe. Statistics have shown that the night after their graduation is a time when students often choose to get drunk or do drugs to celebrate, only to meet the unfortunate consequences of intoxicated driving.

Those same risks about Titans getting drunk or high after graduation will still be present now that Grad Nite has moved. However, now maybe fewer Titans will choose to miss out on Grad Nite.

Many graduates may have family coming to town who would want to celebrate the night of the ceremony, and now they will not have to choose between family and friends.

While Grad Nite has always been one last big hurrah before the future, now the senior class can feel more united at Grad Nite. It will be the seniors’ last school event together as Titans before graduation.

Grad Nite is finally scheduled for the time it should have been held at all along. After a night of fun, games, and friendship, the graduating class will wake up and prepare to receive their diplomas and say goodbye to their time as a Titan.